Seminars given at CTTC by internationally renowned researchers

25 January 2017

Konstantin Lukin, O.Ya. Usikov Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine - Laboratory for Nonlinear Dynamics of Electronic Systems (LNDES)

“2D and 3D Imaging using Ground Noise SAR -Radar Tomography“

28 February 2017

Roger Piqueras Jover, Bloomberg L.P.


2 March 2017

Carolina Pinart, Nestlé


8 March 2017

Alberto Hernando de Castro, Social Thermodynamics Applied Reseach (SThAR), École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne,

“Demographica for Smart Cities”

4 May 2017

Thrasyvoulos Spyropoulos, EURECOM

“Two ideas for low cost Mobile edge caching: Modelling and optimization”

1 June 2017

OIS CityU Hong Kong students

“OIS 2017 Seminar to CTTC staff: Training Plan Proposal”

14 June 2017

Francisco Vázquez-Gallego, David Calero, CTTC. Josep Pont, MOTEC Control, S.L. Raül Valls, M2Smart, S.L.

“The MOTEC project”

4 July 2017

Elena García Fernández, DKV Integralia

"Gestión de la discapacidad"

13 July 2017

Christian Ibars, Cohere Technologies New Jersey Institute of Technology

“OTFS: A New Generation of Modulation Addressing the Challenges of 5G”

18 July 2017

Óscar David Sánchez Jiménez, Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe

“Software libre en I+D: Estrategias de explotación y modelos de negocio”

21 July 2017

OIS CityU Hong Kong students

“CityU Hong Kong students: Final debriefing of their work”

26 July 2017

Sumit Roy, University of Washington

“Spectrum Sharing: Scenarios and Opportunities”

19  September 2017

Michele Grimaldo, EPO Examiner

“Michele Grimaldo, EPO examiner, visits the CTTC”

 19 December 2017

Luca Venza, IESE Business School, Barcelona Technology Transfer Group

"BTTG calls"

Seminars given by CTTC’s  staff

25 January 2017

Alexis A. Dowhuszko, Pol Henarejos, CTTC

“CASTLE: A user friendly platform to test, evaluate and develop contemporary wireless communication standards”

14 March  2017

Jesús Gómez, CTTC

“E-CROPS - Energy harvesting Communication networRks: OPtimization and demonStration”

22 March  2017

Angelos Antonopoulos, CTTC

“Internet Evolution:Stakeholders and Network Neutrality”

19 April 2017

Nikos Giatsoglou, CTTC

“Caching techniques for the Future Cellular RAN”

11 May 2017

Eduard Díaz, CTTC

“AD’s Electrónicas”

7 June 2017

Marc Majoral, CTTC

“Commercialising Applied Research”

8 June 2017

Carles Fernández, CTTC

“Technology & IP Valuation & Monetization”

28 June 2017

Carles Antón, CTTC

“Pla de Màrqueting CTTC”

6 October 2017

Pol Henarejos, CTTC

“Polarization and index modulations. A theoretical and practical perspective”