Best Ph.D. Student Paper Award ICTON 2017

Laura Martín González, Research Assistant of the CTTC, receives a Best PhD. Student paper at the category of Networking at the ICTON 2017.
In this paper, entitled “Performance analysis of CO-OFDM schemes based on multidimensional constellations for long-haul transmission”, we have examined two schemes based on Coherent Optical-Orthogonal Division Multiplexing (CO-OFDM) systems suitable for long-haul transmission. Both take advantage of the Dual Polarization Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying (DPQPSK) constellation. However, the optical transmission is done by time dimension in Time Diversity (TD)-DPQPSK scheme and by the polarization dimension in Polarization Diversity (PD)-DPQPSK scheme. Both schemes have been compared with the 4QAM conventional CO-OFDM system for Back to Back (B2B) configuration and after 1040km and 2000km fiber lengths. The TD-DPQPSK presents enhanced performance in terms of Optical Signal-to-Noise Rate (OSNR) and requires half of the optical resources than PD-DPQPSK. Furthermore comparing the TD-DPQPSK scheme with the 4QAM system, the OSNR penalties decrease and the transmitted bit rate is doubled, for the TD-DPQPSK option.
Best Poster Award at the 6th ESA Intl Congress
The Communication Systems Divison has been awarded for the best poster at the 6th ESA Intl Congress. Colloquium on Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of GNSS / Galileo, "Challenges of Using Low-Cost GNSS Receivers for Ionospheric Scintillation Monitoring", 25-27 October 2017, Valencia, Spain.