CTTC offers a training environment defined as experimental in R&D activities in telecommunications and highly reputed both in science and technology. This environment aims at reducing the existing gap between graduate training and industry, in order to pave the way to a productive setting where R&D is the main activity. This is approached both at graduate and undergraduate levels. Moreover, visitors are welcome for short to mid term pre- and post-doc stays.


Currently CTTC enrols 4 post-doc researchers, mainly funded on a project basis. During 2017 3 new post-doc researchers joined the program.


Currently CTTC’s pre-doctoral program consists of 13 PhD students. During 2017, 2 PhD students joined the program.


CTTC also offers a challenging training environment for undergraduate students, who can carry on their Master and Bachelor Thesis by participating in R&D activities, under the supervision of researchers and engineers.