Many researchers of CTTC have been involved in the organization of different outreach and dissemination activities open to the general public, whose objective is to approach knowledge about information and technology to the society. One of the main objectives is to try to raise the interest of young students in technology. In addition to this, CTTC researchers have also contributed in different articles in press and in dissemination journals, available for the general public. In the following the list of the described activities and contributions is given.

November 2017

Science Week 2017

Participants: Dr. M. Svaluto-Moreolo, E. Fernández, D. Temesgene, N. Piovesan, Fco. J. Vílchez, Dr. L. Nadal, M. Requena and Dr. J. Mangues (CTTC)

Topic : CTTC opened its doors in the context of the 22nd Science Week held in Castelldefels and organized by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI –Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca I la Innovació). Researchers presented the SCAVENGE Project, a prototip called microrrover lunar (mapping the moon), Laboratory of the Optical Networks and Systems Department, Laboratory of the Mobile Networks Department and the project 5G-Transformer.

March 2017

Smart and efficient electrical networks

Talk .The role of the Telecommunications. Col·legi oficial d'enginyers de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (COETC).

October 2017

Mapping the Moon

Participants: E. Fernández (CTTC)

Participation in a workshop on aerospace tecnology of the future. CosmoCaixa



December 2017

Theme-based challenge by companies and institutions of International Prestige

Talk. Richi Talent Fundation.