CTTC® began in 2014 to offer products and solutions (P&S) at a pre-industrial stage in the industry and investors, for its subsequent development, outside the limits of primary research, acting CTTC® research staff as a contracted partner.

A good example of this is the portfolio of CTTC® products and solutions, currently active, shown here below:



Portfolio of CTTC® products and solutions

As a result of the experience, we believe that the commitment of the research staff must be more connected with the different initiatives of P&S and we have implemented two strategic actions.

An action was already implemented in 2014, the economic incentive to encourage researchers to align their efforts towards P&S, as a tangible asset for commercial interest.

The other action was to make an internal appeal to the CTTC® (already launched in July 2015) to the research staff so that the proposals are considered P & S appropriate at different levels of technological preparation that will be offered to the B2B clients identified in the market. As a result of the call, we have the real portfolio of CTTC products and solutions that are detailed below:



Products and Solutions portfolio

The P&S portfolio is clearly identified in the CTTC® website and every customer interested has a P&S Brochure available once the contact data are introduced. The contact details for further information from the Product manager are also clearly identified and the patents from the patent portfolio protecting the product are also clearly mentioned in the brochure.

At present, we have tangible assets specially identified in P&S, protected by patents, so that we can be more active in the market and because we have assets to sell, so we are in a position to do more push actions towards customers instead of 'to wait.

A detailed list for P&S portfolio acronym with short product description for better reading:

DISCO SW       Distributed Network Control Plane Software

PSI                   Persistent Scatterer Interferometry

FBMC TX/RX   Transceiver Solution for Filter Bank Multi-Carrier Modulations

GEMMA           Generic Extensible and Modular Multisensor navigation Analysis system

5GWave          A spectral agile waveform for 5G

Mini TAG        Mini Trajectory, Attitude and Gravity System

DQ Algorithms           Distributed Queuing Wireless Communications Technology

Micro TAG      Micro Trajectory, Attitude and Gravity System

VLC Silence     VLC Silence

Array GNSS     Smart Antenna for GNSS Receivers

GNSS Reflec. Recv.     Global Navigation Satellite System Reflectometry receiver

DL-LTE TX/RX Downlink LTE Transceiver

AS-PCE           Active Stateful Path Computation Element

SDN Orchestrator       Multi-domain Software Defined Network Orchestrator

Cloud Net. Orch.        Cloud and Network orchestrator Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM)

NFV MANO      NFV Management and Orchestration (MANO)

C0-OFDM TX/RX        Coherent Optical Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing Transceiver

DD-OFDM monitoring           Direct Detection Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing subcarrier Monitoring

DSP-enabled DD-OFDM TX/RX         Digital Signal Processor enable Direct Detection Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing Transceiver

S-BVT             Sliceable Bandwidth Variable (Multi-flow) transceiver Backpressure             Backpressure thin layer

ECOFDS           Energy controller for distributed systems

Big-data enabled SON Big data-enabled Self-organizing Network

Virtual LSGW   Virtual Local Small Cell Gateway

LTE FPGA Implementation       LTE (rel.9) Real-time FPGA Implementation

DLITE  Digital Linearization Techniques for RF and Microwave Backhaul

GNSS-SDR®    An open source Global Navigation Satellite Systems Software Defined Receiver

iPOLE  Ranging pole systems solution relied on INS (GPS+IMU) with a processing approach

AVEMEDIA       Advanced multimedia passenger entertainment system for transport vehicles