Plan to creae spin-offs

The CTTC, from its foundation, has carried out the creation of a series of Start ups born both from the institution itself and of people linked to the CTTC. The historical data can be found in the web link of the CTTC

However, these initiatives, collected in the start ups, have not led us to generate future revenues for the Center; since, in most of them, the center was not directly involved as a partner. A special case is CTTC-HK Limited company in Hong Kong, which was created to obtain business from the Asian market, which has always been 100% owned by the CTTC. It worked until 2017, when it was closed following the agreements adopted by the Board of Trustees.

On the other hand, the advice of the evaluations carried out on the center, both for the external scientific committee and for the CERCA Institution, make us concentrate efforts on the maintenance of relevant patents and cancel those that really do not lead to potential revenues per license or sale.

All of this has made us reflect on the need to have a spin-off start-ups plan to respond to all the points mentioned above and to increase the revenues to the future of the center with the fruits of the research obtained from the projects of R&D carried out.

The plan is based primarily on the coordination of the procedures of the R&D management system of the center itself and the combination with existing and available mechanisms in the public domain, by the Knowledge Industry program (IdC), such as the private one, in calls made by companies, and in the "Regulation of Creation of Spin-off start-ups of the CTTC", document that will be submitted for formal approval at the next meeting of the CTTC Board of Trustees.

The plan and the regulation are the objectives that were set to reach the objectives defined in the strategic multiyear framework planning of the Center.